Ladybirds - 2 - 3 years


The Ladybird Room is for our Children from 2 – 3 years old. We have a maximum of 24 children in this room working on a 1:4 staff to adult ratio. The Ladybird Room has direct access into our extensive Garden and the children enjoy free flow indoor / outdoor play. Ladybirds is a lively, happy and stimulating environment which offers greater opportunities for the children to explore their surroundings and express themselves.

Imaginative play is encouraged as this stimulates a healthy interest and curiosity in their world. Sharing toys, taking turns and playing games together help teach the child how to interact with other children and develop caring relationships with each other.

Music-time, story-time and outdoor play form a large part of Ladybirds daily routine, along with messy and creative play and a simple structured activities program which helps them develop basic concentration and listening skills.

During meal times the children are encouraged to eat and start to learn to serve themselves their food.

After lunch a separate area is available for a nap and comfortable sleep mats, pillows and blankets are provided along with lots of cuddles by our staff. The Ladybirds Cloakroom is located inside the playroom, we encourage to find their own photograph and hang up their own bags and coats. Every child has a drawer which is located in the Entrance Hallway for letters to go home and their art work.